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Right Intention: What Were They Thinking?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What Were They Thinking?

The Republicans caved on judges. There is no other way to say it. What an awful deal.

The looming Senate showdown over filibustered judicial nominees has been averted by a bipartisan agreement that gives both sides some -- but not all -- of what they wanted.

The agreement, announced late Monday, came after days of talks among a group of centrist senators.

The crisis had prompted bitter debate over partisan power that could have permanently changed the rules, and perhaps the character, of the Senate.

Under the agreement, three of President Bush's nominees for appellate courts stalled by Democratic filibusters will go forward and two others will remain subject to filibuster.

What compromise? The Democrats got everything they wanted. They get to kill some more nominations and kept their right to filibuster all in exchange for some vague promise to use it more responsibly in the future.

Why would these Republicans sign on to this agreement? What, so they could get a few seconds of non-negative coverage from the liberal media? Are you serious?

Oh, it gets better:

The group's members also agreed that they would oppose attempts to filibuster future judicial nominees except under "extraordinary circumstances."

What would constitute "extraordinary circumstances" was not defined.

Oh, you can't define "extraordinary circumstances"? I'll do it for you. It means anyone to the right of Lenin will be painted as an extremist and will be filibustered. Even as we speak, the Democrats are hard at work trying to paint any likely candidate for the Supreme Court as "extraordinary". Baseless Democratic accusations, and the mindless repetition of those accusations by their MSM allies, can make anyone look extreme. Just look at Priscilla Owen, Janice Brown and John Bolton. Hoping the word "extraordinary" will prevent Democrats from using the filibuster irresponsibly is like hoping a sense of guilt will prevent a starving pit bull from eating a raw steak sitting on the countertop. It ain't gonna happen.

Do you know how another way one can tell this was a bad deal? Simple. That ass hat Harry Reid is jumping for joy.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid later welcomed the deal and indicated Democrats would continue to filibuster Myers and Saad, likely dooming their nominations.

"This is really good news for every American," the Nevada Democrat told reporters. "Checks and balances have been protected."

I want to puke.

You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe the Democrats have any intention of honoring the spirit of this deal. The Democratic party under the leadership of Reid, Pelosi and Dean has descended even further into madness. They are little more than an irresponsible group of zealots who is bullying their way into getting pretty much everything they want. Unreal.

Way to go, Republicans. You will pay an awful price at the polls for this one. Hope it was worth it to you.


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