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Right Intention: Newsweek

Monday, May 16, 2005


Random thoughts about Newsweek and the alleged flushing of the Koran:

• I don’t know, and neither do you, if in fact a US official did flush the Koran as part of an interrogation. It’s entirely possible it happened. Newsweek is seething right now because it was forced to retract this story. Nothing would please the Newsweek editors more than confirming this allegation and feeling vindicated. If in fact this story is true, bet the farm on it coming out and the news coverage being over the top in the same manner as Abu Ghraib. The increased risk to our military will be a secondary consideration at best. The goal is to embarrass the administration and confirm that America is evil.

• I couldn’t care less if the story is true. After seeing the US flag being burned pretty much every day at a protest somewhere in the world, it’s a little difficult for me to get worked up if another culture’s sensibilities are offended. No one seems to care about ours.

• If in fact ripping up a Koran and flushing it gets captured terrorists to talk, then I’m all for it. And for all of you relativists and equivocators out there, just try for once to understand something. This is not torture. There really is a difference between, oh say, chopping off someone’s head and disemboweling them on camera and ripping apart a holy book or a naked prisoner piles. If you can’t understand this, you shouldn’t walk around unattended.

• Newsweek- and the rest of the MSM for that matter- would be wise to at least try to hide its leftist, hate America bias. Here’s an idea. Instead of believing every charge a captured terrorist makes against America and reflexively disbelieving every word that comes out of the administration, maybe they should try the opposite for once? You know, be a little skeptical of the head choppers and give the benefit of the doubt once in a while to our guys? Crazy, I know.

• This story has absolutely, positively no news value whatsoever. The sole intention was to embarrass the administration and to confirm the weird, self loathing impulse of all things Western that seems to reside in most lefties. The only possible reaction was a bad one.

• It should not have been reported even if true. There was no overriding public interest here. We are at war. Things get messy sometimes. For that reason, not everything needs to be reported, particularly if the only possible outcome is to damage us. Is it too much to ask that the MSM stop acting like it’s the adversary? Or an arm of the enemy propaganda machine?

• Newsweek has reinforced everything I hate about the liberal media. F**k you, Newsweek.


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