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Right Intention: Blacks and Liberals

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Blacks and Liberals

Thomas Sowell wrote a column about a topic that I care about in particular; which is the relationship between Blacks and Liberals. Here's the key quote:

Achievement is not what liberalism is about. Victimhood and dependency are.

In my opinion, that is absolutely true. Whatever noble goals and ideals liberalism had 40-50 years ago, it has morphed into a system where victimhood and dependency are desired outcomes, and are used as weapons to help Democrats maintain power. Or in this case since the Democrats are losing elections with increasing frequency, help the Democrats maintain relevance.

This is not a new tactic. Trying to keep a population pissed off by deflecting its attention from more important matters with inflammatory speech or scare tactics is an old trick. Just look at the Middle East. Arab strongmen have long held onto power partially by deflecting the population's dissatisfaction by blaming pretty much everything bad in their countries on the US and Israel. And it has worked.

Way to go, Democrats. You should be proud.


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