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Right Intention: Sandy Berger Gets Away With Crime...

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sandy Berger Gets Away With Crime...

..more of less, anyway. For those who don't know the story, of which there are many because of the liberal media blackout, Sandy Berger stole a bunch of highly classified documents from the National Archive and destroyed most of them. Reportedly, he stuffed many of the documents in his socks. When confronted with the crime, he lied and claimed the theft and destruction was all a big misunderstanding. Oh, one more thing, the documents were all related to Clinton era efforts to combat terrorism.

The document, written by former National Security Council terrorism expert Richard A. Clarke, was an "after-action review" prepared in early 2000 detailing the administration's actions to thwart terrorist attacks during the millennium celebration. It contained considerable discussion about the administration's awareness of the rising threat of attacks on U.S. soil.

Archives officials have said previously that Berger had copies only, and that no original documents were lost. It remains unclear whether Berger knew that, or why he destroyed three versions of a document but left two other versions intact. Officials have said the five versions were largely similar, but contained slight variations as the after-action report moved around different agencies of the executive branch.

So what was the punishment?

Under terms negotiated by Berger's attorneys and the Justice Department, he has agreed to pay a $10,000 fine and accept a three-year suspension of his national security clearance. These terms must be accepted by a judge before they are final, but Berger's associates said yesterday he believes that closure is near on what has been an embarrassing episode during which he repeatedly misled people about what happened during two visits to the National Archives in September and October 2003.

Okay, let's run through this again. Lest we forget, 2003-04 was one of the most insane, partisan atmospheres I've ever seen. The administration was getting beaten up on a daily basis by things like the "I Hate George Bush" book of the week club; the silly, partisan, theatrical 9/11 hearings; blame coming from every corner of the liberal establishment that somehow Bush was personally responsible for the 9/11 attacks; accusations were flying about how the administration "outed" a CIA agent (Wilson/Plame scandal); fat filmakers were making farcical "documentaries" to discredit the administration; accusations that Bush lied about WMDs; Iraq was a failure; Bush is the anti-christ, etc.

It was at this time that Sock Stuffin' Sandy stole documents related to Clinton anti terrorism efforts and destroyed most of them. And there was nary a word from the media. Can you imagine the primal screams of outrage from the media and Democrats if a Republican had done this?

And all SSS gets is a nominal fine and loses his security clearance for three years? Apparently his crime was so well done that the Justice Department figures this is the best they can do. Amazing.

SSS is getting a mild slap on the wrist for a serious, serious crime. Remember this the next time the Democrats are screaming for an investigation of an alleged Republican wrongdoing.


Blogger trulyblueamerican said...

I agree, the guy did wrong.

But it's peanuts compared to the outing of a CIA agent by the White House.

Like comparing jaywalking to murder.

Where's the outrage over Gee Dumberthanyou Bush and his TREASON in that regard?

11:59 PM  
Blogger RD said...

I wrote about it. Here is the link:

There are links to a couple of other stories in there you might want to read.

9:18 AM  

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