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Right Intention: UN Whistleblower

Monday, March 21, 2005

UN Whistleblower

Here's one that will be ignored by lefty UN-philes. A UN worker attempted to blow the whistle on the Oil For Food fraud and the UN was, shall we say, less than receptive.

Mullick told the subcommittee that he repeatedly alerted U.N. officials of problems he observed but was rebuffed.

"Each suggestion resulted in my supervisors reducing my job responsibilities," Mullick said. "This continued to occur until my only job was to run the slide projector at staff meetings."

Mullick said he eventually submitted a 10-page report to U.N. headquarters in 2002 reporting that 22 percent of supplies imported under the program never reached Iraq's 27 million people.

"I heard nothing," Mullick said. "Finally I was contacted and told my contract was not being renewed."

Where's the outrage? Isn't the left big on workers rights? Don't they demand investigations of allegations of retribution against whistleblowers, like they did for Joe Wilson? Why, one might think that the left is being intellectually dishonest or, worse yet, hypocritical by appearing to only care about pursuing these issues if they are caused by their sworn enemy- Bush- as opposed their favorite organization, the UN? Perish the thought.

(Thanks, Captains Quarters)


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