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Right Intention: Trivia: The five wealthiest senators are.....

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Trivia: The five wealthiest senators are.....

Choose one:
a) all republicans
b) republicans and democrats
c) all democrats

Pick a or b? Sorry... the correct answer is c) all democrats.
Can this be right? But aren't the republicans the ones usually associated with wealth, big business, corporate greed, etc? What is going on here??

All senators make public filings that have a low and high estimate of their total assets. Liabilities are not included, so we're only seeing one side of balance sheet; hence this is not actually a measure of wealth, but it's enlightening anyway. To arrive at these rankings I averaged the low and high number. Actually the top 6 are all democrats, as are 7 of the top 10.

The list is obviously headed by John Kerry, who is by far the wealthiest person in the history of the senate. His low and high asset numbers were 194 and 777 million dollars, respectively. His former running mate and personal injury lawyer, John Edwards, tips the scales at 19 million and 44 million. Adding the high numbers for Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards give you a number that could be the GDP of a small island nation.

In fact, John Kerry's assets exceed the total assets of all 51 republican senators combined by a very significant margin (35%). Repeat...all 51 republican Senators combined.

And how about the totals? 51 republicans weigh in with a total of $318 million in assets, or an average of $6.2 million per senator. 48 democrats list $1.19 billion in assets, or $24.8 million per senator. And it isn't all Kerry. (Note, 48+51 = 99, plus 1 Independent) If you take Kerry out entirely, you still have an average of $14.1 million per democrat, more than twice the republican average.

Meanwhile democrats love to portray themselves as simple common folk. Just plain people, working for a better America.

Hmmm... maybe not.


Blogger Greenmiler said...

Good post, I've heard that before!!

7:17 PM  
Blogger trulyblueamerican said...

Republicans are so rich, they buy off Senators now. BEING a Senator is small potatoes, for the middle class folk.

Really, if you're trying to make the argument that Big Money isn't connected with Republicans, then it's a lame one.

What are you going to say next? Democrats are pro-military industrial complex? Pro big business? Pro life?

3:02 AM  
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