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Right Intention: Nazi Comparison Wearing Thin?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Nazi Comparison Wearing Thin?

Due to overuse, the Bush/America = Hitler/Nazi Germany comparison seems to be losing its effectiveness. Desperately searching for another absurd way to compare Republicans to something evil, Jon Corzine unveiled this gem:

As a sign of how politically charged the issue has become, Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J., a leading opponent of Bush's plan, told reporters Monday that Cheney had "a virtual career of disdain for Social Security" and compared his appearances to sending Saddam Hussein to campaign for democracy in Iraq.

I'm kind of surprised that Corzine used Hussein. He's not that evil in the eyes of your average leftie. After all, leftists have spent most of the last few years defending Hussein; saying he wasn't a threat, ignoring is mass murdering tendencies, his ties to terrorists, etc. And, considering the incredible amount of hate the left directs towards this administration, a comparison to Hussein is actually an improvement. Maybe leftists are warming up to them?

Unfortunately, making inane comparisons to your political opponents isn't a game the supporters of this administration can play. It simply won't work. Don't believe me? Just try and compare a leftie to Castro. They are more likely to say thank you than take offense. Stalin? In the world of a leftie, maybe Stalin went a little overboard by killing 20 million people, but the goal of communism was noble. And so forth.

See what I mean?


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