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Right Intention: Murdering Journalists, Again

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Murdering Journalists, Again

Here's yet another journalist with an exagerated sense of self importance who believes that the US Army so fears the mighty wordsmiths that it is rubbing them out:

...Now, just weeks later, the left-wing, anti-war Italian reporter Giuliana Sgrena who was shot at and wounded by American forces in Iraq shortly after being released by her kidnappers, is echoing Jordan's assertion.

She claims US troops may have deliberately opened fire not only because of her anti-invasion, anti-occupation sentiments, but also because of the US administration's opposition to negotiating with "terrorists".

Further, she says, her captors warned her of America's malevolent intent, a statement she dismissed at the time as ideological nonsense.

Yeah, sure. Are we really to believe that this person, who detests all that America stands for, dismissed some (fictitious) warning that the devil Americans had some evil plan? Or maybe she's just trying to make herself look good? Nah.

Reporters Without Borders are also suspicious of the tragedy, referred to by Italy's Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini as simply "a macabre mockery of fate". It wants to see UN intervention.

The UN to the rescue! But make sure to lock up your underage daughters when the team comes to investigate.

"It is clear that this enquiry cannot be conducted just by the US army, which, in the past, especially in the case of the Palestine Hotel shooting that killed two journalists, produced reports aimed solely at exonerating the military," he added.

Evil, lying, bastard Americans!

It goes on from here, but the piece just gets more and more ridiculous. It's hard to take these people seriously.

(From Captain's Quarters)


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