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Right Intention: Liberal Media & The Intifada

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Liberal Media & The Intifada

Powerline finds a Clifford May article on the killing of Mohammed al-Durra, a 12 year old Palestinian boy.

The image is as disturbing and iconic as any seen during the many decades of the Arab-Israeli conflict: Mohammed al-Durra, just 12 years old, caught in a cross-fire in Gaza, trembling against a wall, his father desperately attempting to shield him. And then, heartbreakingly, Mohammed al-Durra, shot and killed by Israeli gunfire.

His death, in September 2000, inspired poems -- and suicide bombings. According to the 2001 Mitchell report it was one of the events that set off the intifada.

A poster of Mohammed al-Durra is in the background of the video of the butchering of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Osama bin Laden used the boy's image in recruitment tapes and began a list of indictments against America by saying that President Bush “must not forget the image of Mohammed al-Durra and his fellow Muslims in Palestine and Iraq.”

But there is something most people don't know about this story: It didn't happen the way I described it above. It may not have happened at all.

Clifford May then goes on to describe how it is highly likely that this event was staged, as several investigations into the incident conclude. Here's some more info on the reporter:

The France 2 reporter on the story, Charles Enderlin, was not at the scene. The information for his voiceover came exclusively from Rahma.

At this point, at least, Enderlin does not claim to be sure of his facts. Instead, he says that his assertion that Israelis killed al-Durra “corresponded to the reality of the situation, not only in Gaza but in the West Bank.”

Powerline puts it better than I can:

Did French state-owned television stage an event that helped trigger the intifada, including suicide bombings undertaken in the name of avenging al-Durra? We don't know. Did French state-owned television falsely blame Israel for the death (or non-death) of al-Durra based on the uncorroborated word of a Palestinian and the prejudices of its own reporter? The answer seems clearly to be yes.

I'm getting a feeling of deja vu here: the French report "corresponded to the reality of the situation not only in Gaza, but in the West Bank." In other words, it was "fake, but accurate." How many other mainstream media outlets are there that view this as the appropriate standard for judging evidence?

People have died because of the belief that Israel killed this child; which is likely nothing more than a figment of the liberal media's imagination. Sickening.


Blogger trulyblueamerican said...

You mean by "the liberal media": media which doesn't conform to the right wing worldview, right?

How many people have died because Fox News (not true "media", per se, but they play it on TV) couldn't let Clinton's crotch go?

Because of the conservative media's obsession with the reich wing's Clinton Cock Hunt, Gore got few enough votes for Bush to commit his coup, Bush became president, and it's been death and failure throughout the world since day one.

8:56 PM  
Blogger RD said...

First, I will never defend the witch hunt against Clinton. It was one of the most shameful things I have ever seen. But what bothered me most is that Monica was a pooch. If you are going to risk it, Bill, at least get Cindy Crawford.

But to your point, by "liberal media" I mean media that is so biased and slanted against anything to the right of Trotsky that it offers little in the way of news value.

And I'm a huge fan of Fox. Hot babes reading "fair and balanced" news. I'll take them over Peter Jennings or Dan Rather any day.

1:59 AM  

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