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Right Intention: Jimmy Carter

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jimmy Carter

It's not true, but it would be appropriate if it were:

Just days after the Navy announced that it will commission its newest nuclear-powered attack submarine The Jimmy Carter, North Korea proclaimed that it is naming its entire nuclear weapons program after the same ex-U.S. President who made it all possible.

The move is seen by experts as a show of one-upmanship against the U.S. in world news headlines, and at the same time being a pseudo-bribe to entice the Bush administration into unilateral negotiations.


Blogger trulyblueamerican said...

Hmmm. Interesting to "honor" Carter that way.

I wonder if Al Qaeda named their training camps in Afghanistan after Ronald Reagan?

I wonder if Saddam's "Republican Guards" were named after the US party that cozyed up to him and enabled his power?

I wonder if the resistance in Iraq--oh excuse me, "the insurgents"--names every IED attack against Americans for Bush, who fed their insurgency by practically handing them tons of explosives stored at Al Qaqaa?

9:51 AM  
Blogger RD said...

Distinctions must be drawn between what America did during the Cold War and what we are doing now. It was a different time.

Oppose the Soviet Union in Afghanistan or allow them to use it as a base for other land grabs in the region? I vote oppose. You obviously feel differently.

And I don't think anyone feels good about choosing Saddam as an ally during the 80s. However, Iran was the greater threat at the time so it seemed the right call. But constantly bringing up a possible mistake in foreign policy is easy for the left to do since no one ever trusts them on foreign policy matters. They are rarely in a position to actually have to do something. It's easy to carp from the sidelines.

Finally, the only people who label head chopping, disemboweling anti government individuals "insurgents" or "resistance" are those on the left. The rest of us call them "terrorists".

1:04 AM  

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