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Right Intention: EU Arms Sales To China

Saturday, March 19, 2005

EU Arms Sales To China

Spiegel online has a good article on the EU's eagerness to sell arms to China. Here's the key paragraph:

"For Europe, there aren't many strategic issues," Wezeman says. "The United States is the biggest challenger to China's desire to become a regional superpower, but I don't think the Europeans really care if China becomes one." Still, he says, sales of European military equipment to China are helping it get closer to something it couldn't do in the past -- and that is the ability to invade Taiwan.

Once again our moral superiors are being reckless with weapons technology. Europe has done this repeatedly. For example, it was instrumental in helping AQ Kahn develop a nuke, and helped Saddam with his WMD programs. But please, keep in mind that Americans are the bad guys. Oh, how I love to be lectured by Europeans.

Can we assign blame for this ridiculous situation? Yes we can. It's America's fault, which, ironically, is music to the ears of every leftist worldwide that likes to blame the world's ills on us. But in this case, it happens to be true. The reason Europe feels free to spread weapons technology is because it has virtually no global responsibilities. Europe believes, correctly, that when the sh*t hits the fan, the US will either be the one in the crosshairs or the one to clean up the mess Europe created, like what America is now doing in the Middle East. And this situation developed because the US has subsidized Europe's defense for the last 60 years. The resulting European weakness has forced the US to be the world's policemen because no other country would or could do the job. Again, this is our own fault. Europe would be much more concerned with issues like spreading weapons technology if it were their blood and treasure on the line to clean up any potential messes.

There is only one way to correct this situation. Turn Europe loose. Rescind the security guarantee. Force Europe to deal with reality. Forcing Europe to live in the real world will do wonders for them, and us.


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