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Right Intention: Democrats Need To Re-Brand?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Democrats Need To Re-Brand?

Here is an interesting article in the New Yorker. The title tells you all you need to know.

Can the Democrats make themselves look tough?

And a later paragraph reinforces this view.

Kerry considers himself to be a national-security-oriented Democrat—Holbrooke, too, puts him in that camp—and appeared to take no particular offense at Biden’s criticisms. “I’m not going to dissect the campaign,” he said. But he seemed displeased when I asked whether the Democrats had a credibility problem on defense issues, and he finally said, “Look, the answer is, we have to do an unbranding.” By this he meant that the Democrats had to do a better job of selling to the American people what he believes is already true—that the Democrats are every bit as serious on the issue as Republicans. “We have to brand more effectively. It’s marketing.”

It's not branding, guys. A large portion of the Democratic party is hostile to the military and a strong American presence in the world. And until that mindset changes few will trust the party on national security matters. But maybe Holbrooke realizes that already:

Richard Holbrooke suggests that the Republicans have boxed in the Democrats, by stealing their ideas. “The Republicans, who always favored bigger defense budgets—we were the soft-power people, the freedom-and-democracy people—now seek to own both the defense side and the values side of the debate,” Holbrooke said. He believes that if the Iraq war actually does bring about the hoped-for results it might help the Democrats. “We’d be better off as a country and better off as a party if Iraq is a success and we get it behind us. The Democrats can then talk about their traditional strengths, domestically and internationally.”

Mind you, this is one of the "tough guys" of the party talking.

Hoping the grown ups will solve the major problems so you won't have to address them is pathetic. Unless and until the Democrats go back to their roots and become strong on national security, they will lose elections. And deservedly so.


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