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Right Intention: Democrats Court The Felon Vote

Monday, March 07, 2005

Democrats Court The Felon Vote

More shenanigans from the left:

The Constitution grants states the authority to determine "the Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections," but Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are pushing a Count Every Vote Act that would, among other things, force states to allow voters to register at the polls and declaring Election Day a federal holiday. And then they want to force every state to let felons vote--even though the 14th Amendment specifically permits states to disfranchise citizens convicted of "participation in rebellion, or other crime."

Forty-eight states deny the vote to at least some felons; only Vermont and Maine let jailbirds vote. Thirty-three states withhold the right to vote from those on parole. Eight deny felons the vote for life, unless they petition to have their rights restored, and the Clinton-Kerry proposal would force them to enfranchise felons (or "ex-felons," as Mrs. Clinton misleadingly calls them) once they've completed parole.

Mrs. Clinton says she is pushing her bill because she is opposed to "disenfranchisement of legitimate American voters." But it's hard not to suspect partisan motives. In a 2003 study, sociologists Chistopher Uggen and Jeff Manza found that roughly 4.2 million had been disfranchised nationwide, a third of whom had completed their prison time or parole. Taking into account the lower voter turnout of felons, they concluded that about one-third of them would vote in presidential races, and that would have overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidates. Participation by felons, Messrs. Uggen and Manza estimated, also would have allowed Democrats to win a series of key U.S. Senate elections, thus allowing the party to control the Senate continuously from 1986 until at least this January.

Here's my take. The Democrats are once again showing they have little interest in either fundamentally reassessing their ideas or trying to convince the electorate their current ideas are sound. Instead they are trying to create another victim class voting block by superseding state law and simultaneously telling felons they are being "disenfranchised". Simply amazing.


Blogger Stewart Johnson said...

Another psych-job brought to you by the Democrats, along the lines of Rangel's introduction of a bill to reinstate the draft in 2003. The point is not that they really care about voter reform, or even think any reform is needed at all. It's about publicly reinforcing the phoney idea that they need to do this because republicans stole the election. They want the idea that the election was stolen by Bush through voting irregularities to become part of the history books. This helps them do it. By keeping this false concept alive they achieve a rewrite of historical events in their favor. Double-plus-ungood-doublethink.

It's pathetic, but what do you expect form a party that couldn't do any better than that nincompoop John Kerry?

11:27 PM  

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