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Right Intention: Cut Europe Loose

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Cut Europe Loose

Excellent comments at New Sisyphus regarding the Italian Journalist nonsense:

You would think that the number of Americans buried in Europe and Africa killed by Italian Fascists would lead the average Italian to approach the accidental death of an Italian patriot by American forces with some caution. But the time has long since passed since we Americans expect tact, grace or thoughtfulness from Europeans, even those who are our nominal allies.

We had thought to refrain from commenting on the Abu-Ghraib-du-jour that is the Guiliana Sgrena story. When we saw the item come across the wire our instincts told us that it would be the lead story in the European press in about 3 nano-seconds, and, further, that it would be the focus of that press for days. We guess we can take some cold comfort in knowing our instincts are still working properly.

But the recent absurd heights to which the story has risen has forced our hand. Really, we're not sure which is funnier: that an Italian Communist would think that she is significant enough to warrant our attention, let alone an assassination order, or the spectacle of a full state funeral for a fallen state security officer.

We mean no disrespect to the dead, but, somehow, we get the feeling the poor man's funeral would have been a bit less grand had he merely been beheaded by the usual suspects.

The incident shows the depths of the pathology that is Western anti-Americanism and offers, yet again, another cautionary and exemplary tale for Americans: until and unless we begin to decline to act as the world's superpower, the world's economic engine, the world's policeman, the world's lender of last resort in all instances, the Western pathology will grow. Like the over-spoiled adolescents of Orange County we grew up with, the nations of Europe and the wider West will continue with infantile temper tantrums and faux-rebellious posing, in one long hissy fit against "Daddy," putting at risk all that is of value in our Western Civilization.

The last paragraph is key. I've been arguing this for a while. Our welfare for the world, like any entitlement program, saps initiative and fosters dependency and resentment. The single best thing we could do for the world, and ourselves, is to cut Europe loose. We start by making it clear that Europe no longer enjoys a security guarantee from the US. Then the continent can either sink or swim on its own. In the end, either the US gains an actual ally, or loses a dead weight that slows us down. Either way America benefits.


Blogger trulyblueamerican said...

When will Bush harborers get it?

As in real life among individuals, if "everyone is against you", it might be time to LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

Europe doesn't hate Americans. It hates Republicans.

2:43 PM  
Blogger RD said...

Yes. We've been through this. Europe has convinced you that it only hates Bush and his supporters, not all Americans. Chirac and Schroeder love people like you. It makes their job much easier.

But how about addressing the point of the post, which is its unhealthy for both the US and Europe to have the US subsidize Europe, particularly its defense? What are your thoughts on that specific issue?

4:30 PM  

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