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Right Intention: Attitudes Changing In Middle East?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Attitudes Changing In Middle East?

Great article at Watching America where author Fathi Hamed tries to educate the Middle Eastern public:

The classification of America as an imperialist state is a mistake. Its own view of European colonization as a mistake shows that America is not England or France.

This error arose because America began its role as an international power as European colonization receded. It was the speed of this transition that blurred the differences and that has caused confusion in the mind's of America critics. This is why Arabs have failed to differentiate between the Americans and Europeans.

This is another sign that attitudes are changing in the Middle East. And its nice to see the blame for the mess in the Middle East finally being put where it belongs, in Europe's lap. They are the ones who colonized the region, not the US. They are the ones who artificially cut the region up into states and installed monarchies, not the US. Unfortunately the Cold War forced us to make deals with or otherwise tolerate dictators in the region, but at least America- well, 52% of it anyway- is now promoting democracy in the region while Europe squawks in the background and roots for our failure.

Here's a short video interview with a Kuwaiti ex-minister.

It's instructive that these gentlemen lack the "Blame America First" mentality that infests most of the Democrats these days.


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