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Right Intention: Why Clintons Want Dean As Head Of DNC

Friday, February 04, 2005

Why Clintons Want Dean As Head Of DNC

Adam Yoshida is too far right for my tastes. But he does have insights I find interesting from time to time. Like this one:

I can’t believe how blind everyone is. There’s been a lot of comment about how the Clintons have failed to act against the possibility of former Vermont Governor Dr. Howard Brush Dean III becoming the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Dick Morris called the words “Chairman Howard Dean” the, “shortest suicide note in history.” What everyone’s missed is this: that’s exactly what Hillary and Bill both want.

Read the whole thing.


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If you get an opportunity, link to my blog and this post on the same subject, albeit I'm not as pithy:

It's also linked at the Daou Report:

You have a well-done, well-written site. My compliments!

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