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Right Intention: US Out Of UN

Friday, February 04, 2005

US Out Of UN

Here is another good UN-bashing article.

Is the United Nations attempting self-parody?

How else to explain the announcement that a panel has been elected to decide which complaints will be heard by the U.N. Human Rights Commission at its annual meeting in Geneva this spring -- and that three of the five members are Cuba, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia?

After listing other silly UN panel compositions and instances of UN ineffectiveness, Clifford May asks a question:

What does trouble the U.N.? Shashi Tharoor, a senior official, says that it is “the exercise of American power” that “may well be the central issue in world politics today.”

This is why the UN is useless. Whatever the original intention of the organization, the mission has morphed into trying to hinder anything the US wants to do. Oh, and by the way, the US is still expected to provide most of the funding, material, and other resources necessary for the UN to function. The situation is surreal.

Is it not high time at least to consider alternatives to the U.N., to explore the possibility of developing new organizations in which democratic societies would work together against common enemies and for common goals?

Free Iraq could be a charter member along with liberated Afghanistan, democratic Taiwan (barred by Beijing from having even “observer status” at the U.N.) as well as Israel, the U.N.'s perennial whipping boy. The emerging democracies of Eastern Europe would surely sign up as well.

I want the US out of the UN. I don't want competition to the UN, I want the US to leave and watch it collapse. It is a worthless, worthless organization.


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