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Right Intention: Taking Estrich to Task

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Taking Estrich to Task

This is an excellent commentary on some of the more recent flare ups in the political correctness/ forced equality wars. Here is a great quote:

Gee thanks, Susan. Political pundit Susan Estrich has launched a venomous campaign against the Los Angeles Times’s op-ed editor, Michael Kinsley, for alleged discrimination against female writers. As it happens, I have published in the Los Angeles Times op-ed pages over the years, without worrying too much about whether I was merely filling a gender quota. Now, however, if I appear in the Times again, I will assume that my sex characteristics, rather than my ideas, got me accepted.

The author gives a good summary of the controversies and then goes on to skewer them. But to me, this is the key quote. There is an unintended consequence of assuming that everyone is exactly the same and allowing no discussion of the topic whatsoever. And that is eventually those who you purport to help will suffer from something quite different than discrimination. And that is an unspoken, but very real, lack of respect. People start to assume that what you have you didn't earn, and it was simply given to you because its easier than listening to the PC police or being taken to court. It's damaging.


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