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Right Intention: State of the Democratic Party

Saturday, February 19, 2005

State of the Democratic Party

Polipundit found a nice piece on the state of the Democratic party:

Not-so-slowly, but surely, Karl Rove's vision of a vanquished Democratic Party is being realized. The Democrats, meanwhile, do not seem to know what has hit them. Like stoners searching for their cars, they are dazed and confused by the realities of Twenty-First Century politics.

In my opinion, anyone who has fond memories of the Democratic party or likes a functioning two party system should be rooting for a total meltdown of the Democrats. After all, a phoenix can only rise from the ashes of its own destruction.

That's why the MSM being so over the top for the Democrats this past election was not beneficial for the party. I don't really think there is any debate that Kerry's vote totals were artificially inflated by a few points because of over the top media bias. And because of that, the Democrats haven't realized the full extent of their loss. If they better understood the losing hand they hold, you would see an active purging of the psycho wing of the party, and a fundamental reassessment of policies and positions. There are a few lonely voices out there calling for just that, but just a few. After all, its hard to believe that a serious party would select Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and Howard Dean as its leaders.


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