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Right Intention: Garofalo: Solidarity With Iraqis = Nazi

Friday, February 04, 2005

Garofalo: Solidarity With Iraqis = Nazi

Janeane Garofalo thinks that Republicans staining their fingers with ink as a show of solidarity with Iraqi voters is the equivalent of a Nazi salute:

Actress and liberal talk-radio host Janeane Garofalo is taking issue with congressional Republicans who dipped their fingers in ink for President Bush's State of the Union speech as a sign of solidarity with Iraqi voters, likening it to a Nazi salute.

It's interesting how leftists never tire of making incredibly stupid statements of "equivalence". Over the last few years we've heard Bush is Hitler, Bush is Stalin, Abu Ghraib is Auschwitz, Terrorists are Minutemen or Freedom Fighters, and so on. The histrionics of the left is tiresome.

Keep it up. Rove is laughing at you. It looks increasingly likely that we'll see a veto proof Republican majority in the Senate in the near future.


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