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Right Intention: Americans Losing Respect For UN

Friday, February 18, 2005

Americans Losing Respect For UN

Instapundit has found a poll about the UN at Rasmussen:

Thirty-seven-percent (37%) of Americans have a favorable opinion of the United Nations. That's down from 44% in a November survey.

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Americans also believe UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan should resign. A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 adults finds that 26% disagree and say he should not resign. Another 37% are undecided.

Just 54% of Americans are following news coverage of this story "very" or "somewhat" closely.

Among those following the story very closely, 63% believe Annan should resign. Twenty-eight percent (28%) say he should not.

The oil-for-food scandal is taking its toll on the international institution. Forty-two percent (42%) believe Saddam Hussein used the program to bribe nations such as France and Russia. Just 12% think he did not use it for bribery.

Thirty-nine percent (39%) believe some nations opposed the invasion of Iraq because they were bribed by Hussein. Just 23% say that did not happen.

Among those following the story very closely, 72% believed that Hussein used the program to bribe other countries. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of that same group believe that some nations opposed the U.S. invasion because they were bribed.

Excellent. The UN is worthless and others are catching on. Here are a couple more questions that Rasmussen could ask:

1. Should the UN be reformed?
2. Should the UN be disbanded?
3. Should the US leave the UN if it is not reformed and/or not disbanded?
4 Would an organization comprised solely of democracies work better?

You get the idea.


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