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Right Intention: Why Is It All On Israel?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Why Is It All On Israel?

A reasonable op ed with a typical European slant:

Mahmoud Abbas will need a massive amount of support if he is to reach these goals. And it would be disastrous, were Israel to now solely concentrate on demanding an end to the violence from him. Abbas has spoken out against violence, he wants to reform and democratize Palestinian society -- his two-thirds majority shows that the Palestinians support this. They also think it's right for Abbas, as he promised, to begin negotiations with Israel.

For Israel, this means a quick completion of its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip -- as a precursor for further withdrawals. Additionally, Israel should dismantle the restrictions it has placed on the Palestinians' freedom of movement, for example, the monstrous separation barrier of walls and fences.

Nobody is telling Israel to give up its right to security, but true security can only come from a free and democratic Palestine.
The first step has been taken with the elections; now, further steps must rapidly follow.

Why do Europeans expect Israel to give up the one thing that has helped save Israeli lives? Why do Europeans expect this unilateral disarmament? Are Israeli lives so cheap to them? And furthermore, are these the same people who demanded that the US disarm unilaterally in the 1980s as a way to seek peace with the Soviet Union? Isn't unilateralism, as a concept, bad? Has no one made this connection?


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