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Right Intention: Questioning the Left

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Questioning the Left

Questions are being asked about the intellectual bankruptcy of the left in Britain:

Last week occured an event which was scarcely reported but which further called into question the notion of a principled liberal-left, let alone one coherent and confident enough to form an elite.

Hadi Salih, international officer of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions, was tied and blindfolded and tortured by Baathist 'insurgents' loyal to Saddam Hussein before being forced to kneel, strangled by electric cord and shot.

I shouldn't be shocked that there hasn't been a squeak of protest from the anti-war movement at the killing of a brave socialist, but I am. Two years ago I believed that after the war people who opposed it for good reasons would vow to pursue Blair and Bush for what they had done to their graves, but have the intellectual honesty to accept that Saddam's regime was fascist in theory and in practice and the good nature to offer fraternal support the Iraqi socialists, democrats and liberals in their deadly struggle.

This is a big reason why I have a hard time taking arguments about Iraq seriously from the left. There were good arguments both for and against the Iraq war. It was not an easy call. But there was a level of intellectual dishonesty from a large portion of the left that was hard for me to comprehend. Nowhere to be found was any concern whatsoever for the idea of spreading freedom, democracy and human rights. The main goal was to constrain the US in their eyes. And now the indifference to, if not outright support of head chopping, disemboweling terrorists whose sole goal is to prevent democratic elections disgusts me.


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