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Right Intention: A Question For The Left

Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Question For The Left

Frontpage asks an interesting question:

This "anti-war" movement has not contributed any effort to the winning of the war on which the freedom of eighteen million Iraqis hangs, and on which the very lives of thousands and tens of thousands of future terrorist victims in Iraq and all over the world may be said to depend. In the war between terror and democracy in Iraq, the political left -- including the entire left wing of the Democratic Party, whose leaders are Kennedy, Carter, Dean and Gore, and the entire left wing media whose leaders are the New York Times and the network news -- have put their weight on the scales of the other side. Never in the history of this country has so great a segment of its population so defected from its national mission. When their children ask "What did you do in the war daddy and mommy?" what will they say?

I'm a big supporter of the war, and am quite optimistic about the prospects going forward. But I think the overall tone of this piece jumps the gun just a little bit because it just feels the author thinks we are farther along in the process than I do. But that's a minor quibble. I think the question is a good one.

Suppose Bush's policy of spreading freedom and democracy have the desired effect of not only stabilizing Iraq but also becomes an effective weapon in the war on terror? What will the left say? Will the left pretend they were supportive all along and conveniently forget all about their massive efforts to undermine the mission? Or will the left claim that these regimes were rotting from within anyway and that Bush, Blair, Howard, Aznar, etc. deserve little to no credit for the changes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and whichever country follows? A variant of both of these responses have been used to obscure the left's opposition to confronting the Soviet Union. Maybe these tried and true formulas will be used again. It will be interesting to see the spin.


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