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Right Intention: More From The Patriotic Left

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More From The Patriotic Left

I'm disgusted, but not the least bit surprised:

Magnetic Yellow Ribbons that say "Support The Troops" have been surreptitiously banned by the administration at the University of Oregon.

The origin of the policy was a complaint from a fellow employee and the claim was that the sticker was in fact a "political statement".

The employee who had the magnetic ribbons had put them on his vehicle months previous - but Friday a university employee complained.

So let's review...
1. University employees at the University of Oregon are not allowed to support the troops who defend those employees' freedoms and the security they live under.
2. "Supporting the troops" is deemed a political much for the "We all support the troops" talking points.
3. Even if this WAS political expression - university employees are not allowed to express themselves politically? (Can Instapundit weigh in on the legalities of University Campus political expression?)

From Polipundit


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