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Right Intention: Leftists Hurting Intelligence Gathering in Iraq

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Leftists Hurting Intelligence Gathering in Iraq

From the OpinionJournal I found this item:

The prisoners' code

The Abu Ghraib prison affair has changed the rules for how U.S. special operations forces handle detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it's not all for the better. For example, most have to be released in three days if the prisoners don't meet a long list of requirements. But U.S. forces complain it often takes more than three days to determine that. Troops also must use padded handcuffs and blacked-out goggles--not head bags--when moving prisoners. The problem here: One insider told of how detainees were moved without handcuffs because none of the padded-style were available. Sources say the prisoners know of the new rules. Arabic script on the walls of Abu Ghraib counsel the detainees to stay mum for the three days, and then they will be set free. Out of frustration, some units are detaining fewer suspects, we're told.

Freaking great. Here is yet another example of the real world consequence of the listening to the hysterically screeching left. First, prisoners released from Gitmo that return to the fight and killing people, and now this. Leftists and their media brethren have American blood on their hands. I wonder if they will ever acknowledge it?


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