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Right Intention: Israeli Settlers

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Israeli Settlers

Israelis settlers are being a pain in the ass again:

Settler activists from illegal hilltop outposts in the West Bank are relocating to Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip to prepare for clashes with security forces when Prime Minister Ariel Sharon orders an evacuation of Israeli citizens there.

The activists, most of whom are in their 20s, already have faced soldiers in the past two years. Several were involved in a scuffle yesterday over the removal of two trailers on a hilltop near the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar.

I have tremendous sympathy for Israelis who have to face Palestinian suicide bombers every day. But I have little for the settlers who are making Sharon's life difficult. Not everyone is going to get what they want in a peace deal. But unless the Israelis want a single state with Palestinians and Israelis having equal status, then Israel will have to give the Palestinians enough land to live on. And that means the settlers will have to go. I don't care if the status of the land is unsettled according to whatever agreements were or were not negotiated decades ago. I care about the present. And in the here and now, the settlers are an obstacle. This insane land grab will garner little support in the world, even the US.


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