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Right Intention: Iraqis Hopeful About Election

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Iraqis Hopeful About Election

Andrew Sullivan points to an optimistic article about the upcoming Iraqi elections in the Washington Post. Yeah, I'm surprised too. But the Wapo is not as leftist as the NYT. Every so often you'll find real journalism there.

In Shahbandar, a storied Baghdad cafe whose name evokes a time (the past) and a milieu (the highbrow), three men sat over cigarettes and hourglass cups of sweet tea Thursday and debated what the coming elections meant for a country scarred by three decades of tyranny, war and bitter disillusionment.

"Going to the polling stations is a victory for the Iraqi people," said Ali Danif, a 45-year-old writer.

"The elections are more important than the candidates," insisted Jamal Karim, his garrulous friend.

Not to be outdone, a smiling Suheil Yassin jumped in. "It's one of my wishes to die at the gate of the polling station," he said, a gesture that was self-consciously dramatic. "I want to be a martyr for the ballot box."


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