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Right Intention: Iraqi Shares My Observations

Monday, January 03, 2005

Iraqi Shares My Observations

An excellent piece at Frontpage tells how an Iraqi became disillusioned with the left. There are so many parallels with my own disgust. Here's one:

We did believe, however, that democracy and human rights were important factors in Western civilization. So it came as a shock to us when millions of people began demonstrating across the world against America’s build-up to the invasion of our country.

So did I. Imagine my surprise.

Soon afterwards, I met a Dutch woman on Mutinabi Street, where booksellers lay out their wares on Friday morning. I asked her how long she’d been in Iraq and, through a translator, she answered, “Three months.”

“So you were here during the war?”

“Yes!” she said. “To see the crimes of the Americans!”

I was stunned. After a moment, I replied, “What about the crimes of the regime? It killed millions of Iraqis. Do you know that if the regime was still in power, the conversation we’re having now would result in our torture or death?”

Another unpleasant fact I learned over the last few years. The world does not care about abuse and torture unless it is somehow caused by Americans. Then the hysterical screeching will be deafening. (See Ghraib, Abu)

We came to understand how these “humanitarians” experienced a sort of pleasure when terrorists or former remnants of the regime created destruction in Iraq—just so they could feel that they were right, and the Americans wrong!

Yes. Seeing America lose at all costs is a common theme on the left. Annoying, isn't it?

It’s worth noting, as well, that the general attitude of peace activists I met was tension and anger. They were impossible to reason with.

Are we talking to the same people? I have several friends that I can't even discuss this topic with anymore because there is literally no facts or information that they will listen to if it conflicts with their worldview. It's like talking to a ten year old with their fingers stuck in their ears as they yell "LA LA LA LA LA" to drown you out. It's pointless.

This was very disappointing for someone like me, who thought for decades that the Left was generally the progressive power in the world.

That's about where I am.


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