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Right Intention: Interview With VDH

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Interview With VDH

Here's a can't miss interview with Victor Davis Hanson over at Right Wing News.

John Hawkins: What's your opinion of how things are going in post-war Iraq? Compared to other similar operations throughout history, how do you think we've done so far overall?

Victor Davis Hanson: I think that if we look at it in the longer historical expanse from the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime and not concentrate on any two to three week period, then the idea that a year and a half after the regime was over with --- we’d have elections pretty well under way and we would have over 2/3’s of the country pacified --- then I know it’s a tragedy that we’ve lost that many men, that was not unexpected --- but given history’s harsh judgment of other military operations and --- we’re doing pretty well.

I think our main problem is that people don’t understand the extent of the revolutionary endeavor that we undertook --- that we’re really trying to bring democracy to a place where it just simply did not exist --- and there’s a lot of neutrals, enemies and allies that don’t want that to happen --- whether that’s the Saudis or the Syrians or the Iranians, even the Jordanians. The second thing is we are empowering people who’re the proverbially despised of the Arab world, namely the Kurds and the Shia.

The very idea that we would try to come in there after a war and insist on a quality per person – that a Shia or a Kurd is worth the same amount of humanity as is a Sunni Arab --- it’s pretty revolutionary. So taking all that into consideration, I’m still optimistic.

(Thanks, Chrenkoff)


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