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Right Intention: How the Palestinians and Israelis Should Proceed

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

How the Palestinians and Israelis Should Proceed

Read Amir Taheri and you will learn all you need to know about current issues in the Middle East.

Any would-be mediator must begin by asserting that this is a Palestinian and Israeli problem that can only have a Palestinian and Israeli solution. The idea that Bush or anyone else can de- vise and impose a solution is both fanciful and dangerous.

Once we have established that this is an Israeli and Palestinian problem, and not an international one, the next step would be to ask the two protagonists to state exactly what they want in order to make peace.

There are more than two dozen so-called peace plans named after various U.S. presidents, Israeli premiers, Arab kings and rulers and European politicians. But there is none named after any Palestinian leader. The truth is that no one knows what it is, in concrete terms, that the Palestinians want.


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