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Right Intention: French Psyche Hurt

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

French Psyche Hurt

The French are still worried about declining influence:

Yet rather than living a self-celebratory moment through the release of two cool and resilient reporters, France has fallen since into a recriminatory debate about why they were not gotten out sooner. This perceived government failure, and the continuing backbiting around it, devastates a couple of already shaky local conceits: that the French hold special leverage in the Arab world and insights worthy of Descartes into its functioning.

You're breaking my heart. But maybe there's hope.

In describing that despair, Malbrunot made something of an admission. "One day," he said, "we had a blowout in the middle of a road. I said to myself, 'If only an American patrol would come through, take out this lovely bunch, and set us free."'

Hmmm. Americans not so bad after all?

But the Cartesian in him hadn't vanished for long. Malbrunot's next words: "That, however, could have been dangerous for us."

Nope. Still safer to distance oneself from Americans, even with your life on the line. Have it your way.


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