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Right Intention: France Admits Humiliation With Tsunami Relief

Saturday, January 15, 2005

France Admits Humiliation With Tsunami Relief

This is awesome!!!!!

France 2 Humiliates French Government

The expeditious and professional deployment of US troops on humanitarian assistance missions to areas devastated by the Boxing Day Tsunami has quite publicly embarrassed the French government — on live television, no less. Yet another reason to thank the US Armed Forces. To see what is sure to be one of the most exceptional moments broadcast on the French evening news all year long, make sure that you click here to watch this evening's news. (Latest version of Windows Media Player required. Before 2 PM Eastern time to-morrow, it'll be the first displayed. After that, click on the one labeled 10/01/2005 - JT 20h.)

For days now, the US military has been getting favorable coverage on the French nightly news due to its response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami. But tonight's broadcast was simply astounding. At 8 minutes into the broadcast, anchor David Pujadas begins a discussion of the disaster response and introduced a report on the American deployment:

I'm genuinely stunned. A non negative news item about the US in France. Here's more:

We learn that 100 French firefighters as well as rescue and response workers have been sent to Meulaboh to establish a field hospital but that 8 days after their deployment and 15 days after the disaster, only 25% of their supplies have been delivered "because France has no helicopters [to deliver them]." (NB: during the Afghanistan war, France had to rent ALL of its helicopters from the Russian army.)

"The good will of the rescuers is not in question," says Pujadas. "This is well and truly a foul up."

Yes, those were his words. Watch the damn video if you don't believe me.

The report tells us that France has only 1 helicopter on the scene, a Dauphin. However this one is on loan from the manufacturer, Aérospatiale, and is normally used to shuttle around executives, not to move large amounts of cargo.

Read the whole thing. It made my day.

One question though. Why on earth do leftists (and the rest of the Democratic party) believe that France or Germany was actually capable of helping us in Iraq? They don't have the military, which is now obvious for everyone to see. And it makes the lie from Kerry during the campaign of how he'd replace American soldiers with European ones even more contemptible. But anyway, Europe is weak because we allowed them to be weak. European weakness doesn't benefit anybody. Time to cut Europe loose and make them stand up on their own two feet. No more free defense.

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