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Right Intention: Europeans Embarrassed By Inablilty To Deliver Aid

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Europeans Embarrassed By Inablilty To Deliver Aid

Davids Medienkritic found an interesting op ed in German Newspaper FAZ lamenting how Europe cannot effectively deliver aid.

While American soldiers were delivering emergency supplies to isolated disaster areas and Australian doctors were treating the injured, Europeans were having meetings or, worse yet, trying to set dates for meetings. The French Minister of Public Health, Douste-Blazy, posed a rhetorical question while visiting Sri Lanka: was it "normal" that his colleagues in Brussels held their first discussions on the subject a full ten days after the catastrophe? His answer was devastating – Europe’s actions were "not concrete.". ...

We have resigned ourselves to an EU that cannot speak with one voice, never mind act independently, on issues of foreign policy such as the Balkan crises or the Iraq war. Now Europe has had its weakness exposed in precisely an area it always believed itself to be strong, even stronger than the Americans – in providing immediate humanitarian assistance. ...

This is why we need to cut Europe loose. Europe is weak because the US handles things that Europeans should be doing for themselves. If we didn't protect Europe, they would be forced to protect themselves, and consequently would have a serious military. And then they could contribute better to efforts like this.


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