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Right Intention: Democrats' Antics Cover For No Ideas

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Democrats' Antics Cover For No Ideas

I found a Mark Steyn column at Powerline:

Two plausible parties are necessary for a functioning democracy, especially in war, especially in a long war which will inevitably have to be fought by presidents both Republican and Democrat. The Dems might get lucky. The GOP might nominate some freaky goofball in '08, and the other fellow will win by default. But, as the 2004 field reminded us, this isn't a party exactly brimming with talent and fresh faces. And, as for ideas, when was the last time you heard a fresh policy from a Democrat? The serious arguments about war, social security, immigration and pretty much everything else are all within factions of the right. The Democrats' only contribution is to insist that someone in Halliburton has figured out a way to get the touch-screen voting machines to make Democrats' votes vanish. Democrats' votes are vanishing because Democrat voters are vanishing because Democrat intellectual energy has all but vanished. Or as Republican Congresswoman Deborah Pryce summed up Thursday's Boxer rebellion: ''Their objection is a front for their lack of ideas.''

It's obvious to everyone except, apparently, Democrats. The party has no ideas. They are ceding the image of being a party of change to the Republicans without a fight. Look at social security for example. The Republicans finally want to address a problem everyone knew was an issue for a couple of decades now. The Democrats response? There is no crisis. Change nothing. Let's ignore reality because we don't want to offend our senior special interest group. It's amazing. The party is just not serious.


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