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Right Intention: Bush & Zapatero

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bush & Zapatero

Barcepundit found an update on the state of relations between Bush and Zapatero.

Bush has so far not returned Zapatero's call to congratulate him on his re-election. A White House spokesman said that the two leaders had not connected because of problems with their respective agendas; but that was on Nov. 10, and the call remains unanswered. Eight days after his re-election, Bush met Aznar at the White House. "I went to the White House to speak to President Bush for one reason -- because he is my friend," Aznar was quoted as saying later. "I have various friends in America, and one of them is the president."

The fact that Aznar still has access to the White House irks the Zapatero government. On the other hand, observers say Zapatero has not helped his own case with his public criticism of the war in Iraq, which he has described as "illegal." And while Zapatero never publicly said that he supported Democratic candidate John Kerry in the presidential elections, Spanish officials were quoted as saying that relations would certainly improve if Kerry were elected president.

Good. Screw Zapatero.


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