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Right Intention: Americans Are Unsophisticated Rubes

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Americans Are Unsophisticated Rubes

Glad to see that Hollywood hasn't lost it's elitism:

Moritz Borman, the producer of Alexander, took the opportunity of the London premiere to reveal he wanted to create a "dumbed down" version of the film for US audiences but Stone would not have let him do it.

"We always knew America would be more difficult for this kind of material," said Mr Borman.

"Do you have two versions? A lighter, shorter, popcornier, simple version for American audiences that takes out the homosexuality and a more sophisticated one for the rest of the world?

"In retrospect I would have said 'let's do that'. Oliver wouldn't have let me but I'd have tried."

Why is it that leftists like Stone, Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, etc. like to denigrate America in front of foreign audiences? Does it make them feel better about themselves?

Moreover, why have Democrats adopted this sour grapes attitude the last few years? If you don't vote for us, you are a right wing bigot. If you don't see my movie, you are a bigot and too stupid to appreciate it. Pretending you are an intellectually superior victim may make you feel better, but it seems to be a poor strategy to win elections or sell your product.


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