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Right Intention: American Leftist Criticizes US in Middle East

Saturday, January 15, 2005

American Leftist Criticizes US in Middle East

Hoo boy:

Speaking after talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Kerry said he noticed during his Middle East tour most countries were unhappy with the poor U.S. efforts to end the violence that has been raging for 21 months in Iraq.

"All countries in the region have great interest in ending the violence in Iraq and they actually feel frustrated because they don't see necessary steps taken to achieve security and stability," he said.

Speaking ill of the country in front of foreign audiences is no longer confined to retired politicians (Jimmy Carter) or fat film makers (Michael Moore). Now active, prominent politicians do it. Apparently the idea that criticism of the government stops at the water's edge is dead. Why is it that leftists feel that the appropriate forum for criticizing our government is in front of hostile foreign audiences, which includes anywhere in Europe or the Middle East? Why do they believe this is somehow the right thing to do? But please, whatever you do, do not question their patriotism or love of country. That would be out of bounds.


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