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Right Intention: Tsunami

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


The devastating effects of the tsunami are almost too much for the mind to grasp. The current death totals are now 70,000 and will surely climb higher. And once the aftereffects of disease and whatever else are factored in, the number will likely double or triple. Unbelievable. And yet, even if the final toll is 200,000, which seems quite possible, that represents just 1/5 of the total that were brutally murdered in Rwanda in one month.. Yet I don't remember this type of intense media coverage and outcry when the Rwanda genocide happened a decade ago. Obviously the event was covered, and people knew it was happening, but I don't remember this type of focus. I could be wrong. But the reason I made this connection is because my wife made a great observation this morning, which I think is true. She said its interesting how the cruelty of nature seems to bother people much more than the cruelty of man. Which is odd because we can actually do something about man's cruelty while we can do little about nature's cruelty. Interesting thought.


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