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Right Intention: Most Annoying Liberals

Monday, December 20, 2004

Most Annoying Liberals

From Chrenkoff I found a great post on the year's most annoying liberals.

Now let me tell you what Jimmy Carter is made of: naivete, killer rabbit stories, foreign policy advice from his daughter Amy, sucking up to dictators, malaise, "lust in his heart", too much time spent watching Fahrenheit 9/11, peanuts, an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize...oh and lots and lots of failure.

Carter is the lovable dupe whom nobody wants to tell to shut-up about the Presidency and foreign policy because he's a generally nice, Christian man, who builds homes for the poor. Is he an awful man? No, but he was an awful President and he's awfully annoying when he's pontificating about what President Bush should be doing or national politics. Listening to Carter's advice about how to run the country is like listening to Bill Clinton explain how to be faithful to your wife: nobody buys it, nobody wants to hear it, but they nod along because he used to be the President and they have to show some respect no matter how annoyed you are.


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