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Right Intention: Media Humor

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Media Humor

From Powerline I found this. Hilarious. You know, I totally believe conversations like this happen all the time at major newspapers and the networks. Whenever there is a negative event in the world, the media looks for a way to tie it to Bush.

They had already posted an editorial on the disaster in Tuesday's edition, but it was nothing more than standard sympathy coupled with calls for more comprehensive warning systems. Now, with the death toll increasing by the hour, It was clear that this was turning into something monumental. A new editorial needed to be written. This time blame was to be assigned. But connecting the dots was proving difficult.

"There's got to be a connection we can make!" Shouted Jim Boyd, the Deputy Editor.

"If it was atmospheric, it would be a no-brainer" Managing Editor Scott Gillespie replied, "just yell 'Kyoto' and it's a done deal."

"But, this is geological. I mean, as evil as he is, I don't think even he had anything to do with this one. But no way are we going to let him off the hook." said Jim.

"Oh, no, we won't. But it's pretty clear we have to come up with an angle that makes sense." Scott answered. "Is there anything the U.S. has been doing in the last four years that could have caused a seismic disturbance of this caliber?"


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