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Right Intention: Liberals & the Military

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Liberals & the Military

This article speculates on something I been wondering about for a while.

By a margin of 80-19, Democrats now say they oppose the decision to go to war. The margin among Republicans is exactly the reverse: 80 percent of GOPers support the war, while 19 percent disapprove.

This is not only a partisan divide. It's a cultural divide. As the year 2004 ends, the rank and file of the Democratic Party has turned decisively and profoundly against the military effort in Iraq. And there is reason to believe it won't be long before they turn on the military as well.

Throughout the year, Democratic politicians have been trying to split the difference with the military — saying they support the troops while opposing the war. But that kind of sophistry won't stand.

The military wants to fight this war. Democrats don't. How long before Democrats decide that our men and women in uniform are just extensions of the president and party they detest — a bunch of warmongering, bloodthirsty and stupid imperialists?

Podhoretz is being too generous. The Left does not support the military, has not supported the military, and will never support the military. The only exception in the recent past was for a month or two after 9/11, when liberals sensed their own lives were in danger. Since then, their hatred of the military has been slowly creeping back into their public statements. It's only going to get worse.


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