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Right Intention: Dump the UN?

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Dump the UN?

In my opinion, the UN is an utterly worthless organization. It more or less exists to harrass Israel and to hinder anything the US wants to do. This open forum for anti-Americanism, which we pay for, is grating. But instead of withdrawing from the organization entirely, which some advocate, I have a better idea. Why don't we reduce our contribution to something nominal, say 1% of the total budget. We should use our veto solely to make life hard for others, like France and China do. We should refuse to contribute troops to any peacekeeping missions, and withdraw troops from current missions. And we should just generally refuse to use our personnel, material, military, money, etc. for the benefit of anything that isn't in 100% of our self interest. In other words, make the UN even less effective than it is now. Other countries do that now, why shouldn't we? This way we can still use the UN from time to time if we find it useful, but we don't expend our resources on those who hate us. It will either die on its own, or become so weak that its nothing more than background noise. Perfect.


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