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Right Intention: Democratic Response to Beinart Essay

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Democratic Response to Beinart Essay

And here is a response to Beinart's essay over at Andrew Sullivan:

Only one problem with Beinart's thesis. People like me will not vote for the kind of Democrat he pines for. And people like me are the base of the Democratic party. I would not vote for Joe Lieberman or any Iraq-war supporting Democrat (that includes Hillary, by the way). People like me are the mirror images of the Republican right. We would rather lose than sacrifice our principles. The operative principle here is our opposition to big-foot neoconservatism which views the entire world as America's playground. You may think we are wrong but understand this: we are the Democratic party (which is why Lieberman sank so quickly). Our model is that of the Goldwaterites. They did not change. They fought and eventually they prevailed. We will prevail too. Iraq is our trump card. And maybe Iran. The continued ascendancy of neoconservatism guarantees the triumph of neoisolationism. As George Mc Govern said, "come home, America." The day is coming.

And this person is right about their clout. People with this mindset represent a much larger part of the Democratic base than the party is willing to admit. And their attitude is precisely why I will be voting Republican for the forseeable future, even though my heart is with the Democratic party. These people, who consider Iraq a "trump card" of their cause, are admitting they are rooting for failure in Iraq and Iran in order to advance their cause. The psycho, leftist, anti-American, Michael wing of the party is exactly why the Democrats will lose national elections where national security is a primary concern. And deservedly so.


Blogger Liz said...

The Democratic party's biggest problem that is pushing away voters is its afinity for pacifism.

9:13 AM  

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