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Right Intention: Bush Support in Syria

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Bush Support in Syria

Tim Blair found a great article about a liberal American teacher in Damascus encountering Bush supporters amongst the population.

And thus I came to realize something that the Democrats could never admit: that there exists a support base for both the Republicans' domestic and foreign agenda among the very people we thought most opposed current U.S. policy. The cultural background and value systems which inform many of these young Arabs' outlook on the world mean they will always favor men like Bush over men like Kerry. The tenets of faith, family and, yes, "moral issues" determine the overall political leanings of a considerable number of the Middle East's future leaders, in rejection of Democratic stump issues like increased liberalism, internationalism and scientific progress.

Although the moral values angle has definitely been overplayed as a source of Bush support, it did matter, both here and abroad.


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