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Right Intention: Team America

Monday, November 01, 2004

Team America

Finally saw Team America over the weekend. I laughed so hard that my wife was completely embarrassed by me and tried in vain to shut me up. I know I'm the last person in the US to see this movie, but I just have a couple of thoughts.

1. If you find the Hollywood elite loud and boring like Victor Davis Hanson does in this column, then this movie is for you. I love the Michael Moore bit.

2. The theme song for the anti-terrorist unit is "America...FUCK YEAH!" (Sorry Stewart). I will track down the full song one day and memorize the whole thing. My wife is already sick of me singing the chorus. Who am I kidding? I just sing those three words.

3. The opening scene is priceless. If only it happened in reality.

4. The puppet "interactive" scene was, well, let's just say it defies description.

See this movie.


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