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Right Intention: Saturday Night Live

Monday, November 01, 2004

Saturday Night Live

While I'm blogging on entertainment things, anyone notice a difference at Saturday Night Live this year? I stopped watching last spring because practically every political skit was so over the top anti-Bush that it seemed as if it was written by or the denizens of democratic underground. There was no attempt at balance whatsoever, and any political statement that wasn't an attack on Bush-and there were very few of those- was confined to the boring last half hour that few people watch.

Well apparently there were enough people like me that it started to show up in the ratings, or some higher up told the cast that they were not a subsidiary of the Democratic party and forced them to balance it out. It had to have been outside pressures because given the shrillness of the skits, it was pretty clear their rhetoric was heartfelt. I doubt they had a sincere change of heart.

But anyway, my wife encouraged me to watch again and now it's much more even. And funny.


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