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Right Intention: More Democratic Whining

Monday, November 08, 2004

More Democratic Whining

Tim Blair has a couple of good links. First, the Guardian is still whining about the election results

And yet win he did. Why? Because, while the Democrat supporters had right on their side, the Republican supporters were far, far better at fighting dirty. Conservative mega-sites such as galvanised their hundreds of thousands of visitors into an army of amateur attack dogs - ready to yap and snap the moment a foolish journalist wrote anything bad about Bush. Woe betide any TV reporter who didn't check his facts properly before claiming that George W didn't finish his national guard service. And pity any liberal British newspaper that launched an online campaign to convince the voters of a small county in Ohio of the merits of a Kerry administration. The mass yapping and snapping worked like a charm - making even the most fearless journalists think twice before they questioned Bush's suitability for a second term.

Notice how there is no sense whatsoever that journalists are supposed to be neutral and just report the facts? He's basically mad that journalists can't deceive people as freely as they could in the past. He also seems to think that Guardian had a right to try to interfere with our election with their Clark County campaign.

And here's one from Ted Rall, a person that I despise.

I imagine that Karl Rove is still snickering. Keep it up and the Senate will have a filibuster proof Republican majority in 2006.


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