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Right Intention: The Limits of Blogging

Monday, November 01, 2004

The Limits of Blogging

The New York Post had an interesting editorial where they essentially call a pig a pig by calling out the NY Times and CBS on their over the top liberal bias. This is nothing new and it encompasses way more than just those two outlets. And its pretty clear that these claims of bias are much easier to substantiate because of the internet, and bloggers in particular. After all, without bloggers, CBS would have been able to get away with their hit piece on Bush's Nat'l Guard service, for example. So overall bloggers have helped keep this campaign more honest than it would have been otherwise by rigorous fact checking. Kudos.

But more needs to be done. Even though bloggers can force the media to tell the truth about an issue they choose to cover, there is no way, as of yet, to force the MSM to report on important issues that need to be covered. The MSM has successfully ignored any real examination of Kerry's antiwar record or Senate record. How many people realize that Kerry lead an organization that debated whether to engage in political assassinations as a way to prove their point? How many people know that Kerry is lying about having released his military records? Or his dealings with the Sandinistas? Or any of the positive news out of Iraq? Are people even vaguely aware of what an achievement it was to have peaceful elections in Afghanistan? Or what European attitudes really were towards the US before 9/11? And so forth. Political junkies like those who read or write for blogs know these issues, but how about Americans who don't pay this much attention.

Blogs have done a tremendous service to the public discourse. But more must be done. And I have faith it will.


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