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Right Intention: In Praise of France

Saturday, November 27, 2004

In Praise of France

The Diplomad is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs. They have an excellent piece on France today. Here's and excerpt:

With genuine admiration we must say that there is no other country on earth that pursues its core national interests in as determined and ruthless a manner as France. Unlike the USA which has three thousand interests all competing for number one, France has pared down its interests essentially to:-- Pursuit of French economic and commercial interests above all else. Do whatever it takes to get the deal for a French firm! [A personal note: The Diplomad recalls lobbying the President of a small country to buy Boeing aircraft for the national airline; with Boeing reps we reviewed in detail the superior price and performance of the Boeing over the Airbus product. The President and the local airline representatives agreed with us that the Boeing was the better plane at a better price. So, as you would expect, Airbus got the deal. The French had bought the President a house in southern France.]-- Do whatever is needed to prevent American "hegemony." Suffice it to say for now, that France does not see the United States as an ally; it sees no country as a permanent ally or friend. France sees the world in terms of preventing any other country -- read, America -- from becoming too powerful or influential. France sees itself as offering the world a way of life much closer to the existing ways of thinking and cultures of most of the world than that of the horrid Anglo-Saxons. This includes spending huge sums of money around the world in a quixotic "fight" against the spread of English and active promotion of French cinema as an antidote to Hollywood movies.

Read it.


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